Sellers Home Inspection

Get ahead of issues a buyer may find in your home.

As a seller, you can request a pre-listing inspection (or seller inspection) before listing your home on the market. By doing so, you can identify problems that may turn potential buyers away from purchasing your home or lower the chance of a sale falling through.

Our pre-listing inspection examines your entire house from inside to outside and from top to bottom. Then, we will send you a thorough report detailing problems from the most significant to those that are minor.

You can take our findings and make repairs or disclose issues to the buyer. If you are using a real estate agent, they can use the report to help negotiate a quicker sale. With the report, you will be well informed and prepared to answer questions when they arise.

Benefits of a pre-listing inspection.

A pre-listing inspection gives you the chance to make repairs before listing your home. Veteran’s Pride certified inspectors will methodically go through your home from top to bottom to find big and small problems. Based on our detailed report and suggestions, you can make repairs to help your home show better. If you choose not to make repairs, you can fully disclose information to buyers and prepare a fair asking price.

It helps you price your home more accurately. If your inspector finds problems during the pre-listing inspection and you don’t wish to fix the issues, you can factor the cost of repair into the home’s price. If you do make repairs, you can ask buyers for more money.

The pre-listing inspection can help your real estate agent. When the pre-listing inspection reveals no issues, your real estate agent can use the report as a marketing tool to help sell your home. Also, your agent may find that the knowledge gained from the report can help them broker a deal quicker and easier.

Buyers Home Inspection

Uncover potential problems, and don’t be left in the dark.

Buying a new home is perhaps the most significant investment you will make. That’s why getting a residential home inspection (or buyer’s inspection) before finalizing your purchase is essential for making sure the house is in good shape.

Even though the law requires sellers to disclose known problems to buyers, having a third-party, professional inspection can help put your mind at ease. It can also give you negotiating leverage if issues are discovered.

Our residential home inspection is a top to bottom and exterior to interior examination of the entire house. We check every appliance, turn on every faucet, and flush every toilet. When finished, we will give you a detailed report with our findings and any repair recommendations. You will feel confident in your buying decision.

Benefits of a residential home inspection.

A residential home inspection can provide warning signs. During the investigation, our certified home inspectors will assess issues and safety concerns in the pre-owned home you’d like to buy.

An inspection is an investment that pays for itself. A residential home inspection can pay for itself in savings. If our inspectors uncover structural issues or other problems, you may have the chance to ask the seller to make repairs.

It will help you feel confident in your purchase. A residential home inspection will tell you about the condition of not only the house but of every component inside and out. With our detailed report put together by our certified inspectors, you will have the information you need to finalize the sale, negotiate for a better price, or walk away.